Personnel recruitment

Personnel recruitment

Staff recruiting a matter of trust! As a personnel service provider we are on one hand as a link between companies which job vacancies needs to be filled quickly and easily, without substantial time and with the best possible employee and - secondly - candidates who are looking for work, fully matches their qualifications.


Our professional and social competence in staff-leasing allows us to find the optimal solution for you to strengthen your team. With our extensive network of different communication channels such as K & J database, social media, internet, newspapers, and much more, we optimize the search for candidates and minimize your time spent.


Personnel recruiting is important for us. So, we are liable that we will find the right personnel for you. If you have to separate you from the hired person presented by us within the first one to six months (depending on the position occupied), we will get you a free replacement. The same naturally, if the employee resigns on its own during this period.


Our services include:


  • We develop the requested profile for the requested personnel
  • We develop the strategy in order to find the optimal person
  • We analyze all documents of the applicants for you
  • We organize a pre-selection and run the first interviews
  • At your request, we can test the applicant with a proficiency test where you are free to participate
  • We present the chosen candidates for your company to you
  • If the proposed candidate should not satisfy you, we will find a replacement within a determinate period

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